VD Consultancy – Insurance Advisor, Approved Valuer

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Insurance Advisor – LIC Of India

Valuer Of Properties & Machinery

Expert Advise Call : Dileepraj Patil,  9860831429 / 9422034537

Email Id : dileeprajpatil@gmail.com

LIC Plans :

  • Term Plans
  • Endowment Plans
  • Children Plans
  • Money Back Plans
  • Pension / Retirement Plans
  • Health Plans
  • Single Premium Plans

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Copyrights in India -The legal and practical aspects ©

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If you are author or a literary person, have written books or have created, composed musical works, cinematographic work then protect your creations by registering their copyrights.
Which are laws and rules applicable ?What is meant by copyright? What is procedure for registering copyrights? Where to apply? to know —————–continue reading ———————————————————————-

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Section 66A repealed by Supreme Court

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Supreme court has given a land mark judgment dealing with Section 66A of IT act in March 2015.

What is Sec 66A of Information technology act 2000?
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Ban on Bullock cart racing and Jallikattu

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Supreme Court decision affecting society :
Bullock car racing and Jallikattu banned by Supreme Court on 7May 2014.
On 7th May 2014 in the case of Animal Board of India Vs A.Nagaraja and other Supreme Court has passed a judgment banning bullock cart racing (Jallikatu) and fighting of Bulls with Human beings (animal tamers) or any other animal, in the all states specially in the state of Tamilnadu and Maharashtra Hon’ble Supreme Court has held that that provisions of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 are applicable and not any other law .

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New laws passed by Central Govt in2013

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Every years new laws are passed which add to long list of laws which are already applicable in India. It becomes difficult to know exactly which law was passed and which law was amended in particular year. Hence the list of the new and amended laws passed by Central Government in the year 2013 is given hereunder.

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One Person can form a legal Company

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In India we have one man doing business as Proprietor.But legally speaking there is no special status of a proprietor. The individual has unlimited liability of his business. So why not form a company with limited liability distinct form its owner. Is this possible? Become the sole director of your own company. Your assets and liabilities as individual will be different form the assets and liabilities of your one person company. unbelievable yet true.

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The Real estate Bill 2013

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The Real estate bill 2013 is new beginning to control the unregulated real estate business. The Consumers will be directly benefitted .

The highlight of the bill are:- Establishment of Real Estate Regulatory Authority with whom the developer will have register all new real estate projects covering residential construction project having area of more than 1000 square metres

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Latest Supreme court judgment affecting Banks

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This judgment is regarding powers of DRT or Company court when distributing sale proceeds to the Secured Creditor Bank and the workmen.
Every Bank files its recovery application involving dues more than Rs.10 lakh in DRT. If the Debtor is a Company, which is under liquidation the workers dues are to be settled by the Liquidator.
In this case Companys assets are sold in Recovery Proceeding pending before DRT.
In such cases whether workers dues have to paid from the Auction sales proceeds? OrWill Bank B e in position to get full sale proceeds being secured creditor.
The three bench of Supreme court has recently on 7th May 2013 given judgment in civil appeal no. 7045 of 2005 of Bank of Maharashtra Vs Pandurang Keshav Gorwardkar & Ors .( workers of PAPCO or Paper Pulp Conversions Ltd.)
And appeal was filed by Indian Bank Association on similar lines as the issue concerned not only one Bank but any decision will have impact on all the other Banks.

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Arbitration in construction contracts

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Construction contracts include construction of residential, commercial buildings, townships. As also construction of infrastructure projects like highways, airports, sea ports the contracts may be domestic or international. Construction contracts include Plant and design build, EPC/Turnkey projects.
Dispute settlement outside the court premises is seen to be having legal sanctity from very early time in India. The alternate methods of dispute settlement were negotiation, mediation ,conciliation and arbitration. It is seen that out of four methods the arbitration method is very popular in India as well as outside India
Lets try to understand what is Arbitration. What is history of Arbitration? What are objects of the Arbitration laws? How arbitration proceeding is conducted?—————————————-click on read more button————

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Provident fund which the employees receive are retirement benefits. Hence they are protected form attachment
which is mentioned under section 10 of the act .Therefor investing in Provident fund by increasing the employee’s share is a very good option.


Q.11 Can the amount standing to the credit of any member in the Fund assigned, charged or attached?

A. The amount standing to the credit of a member in the Fund cannot be assigned, charged or attached under any decree or order of any Court. Similarly, the amount standing to the credit of a member in the Fund at the time of his death is free from any debt or other liability incurred by the member before his death and cannot be attached under any decree or order of any Court.
——————————————————–click on ‘read more’ to know the other provisions of the act

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