The Maharashtra Land Revenue Code, 1966

Important sections :-
Section 20.Title of State in all lands, public roads, etc. which are not property of others.

(1)All public roads, lanes and paths, the bridges, ditches, dikes and fences on, or beside the same, the bed of the sea and of harbours and creeks below the high water mark, and of rivers, streams, nallas, takes and tanks and all canals and watercourses, and all standing and flowing water, and all lands wherever situated, which are not the property of persons legally capable of holding property, and except in so far as any rights of such persons may be established, in or over the same, and except as may be otherwise provided in any law for the time being in force are and are hereby declared to be, with all rights in or over the same, or appertaining thereto, the property of the State Government and it shall be lawful for the Collector, subject to the order of the Commissioner, to dispose of them in such manner as may be prescribed by the State Government in this behalf, subject always to the rights of way, and all other rights or the public or of individuals legally subsisting.

42.Permission for non-agricultural use.

No land used for agriculture shall be used for any non-agricultural purpose; and no land assessed for one non-agricultural purpose shall be used for any other non-agricultural purpose or for the same non-agricultural purpose but in relaxation of any of the conditions imposed at the time of the grant or permission for non-agricultural purpose, except with the permission of the Collector.

Section 48:-Government title to mines and minerals

1) The right to all minerals at whatever place found, whether on surface or underground, including all derelict or working mines and quarries, old dumps, pits, fields, bandhas, nallas, creeks, river-beds and such other places, is and is hereby declared to be expressly reserved and shall vest in the State Government which shall have all powers necessary for the proper enjoyment of such rights.

 (Also see the Maharashtra Municipal Councils, Nagarpanchayats and Industrial Townships Act, 1965. )

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